First, I’d like to say that I was really looking forward to reading LOVE STORY. I went straight into it from devouring GOING TOO FAR, an outstanding novel. I find Jennifer Echols’ voice very enticing, and I like the novella-feel of her books.
ALSO I was looking forward to a book that would tackle issues of older YA, their lives in college, first time away from home, future employment etc… I was disappointed.
Although the premise is interesting and the way the story is told (a story within the story) is original, I wasn’t able to get over the fact that the main character (Erin) is utterly frustrating and repetitive. The “poor little rich girl” complex she’s chewing on from start to finish is simply boring.
Hunter’s character could have been interesting but lacked of depth and layering. During the whole book, I kept asking myself: WHY? What are her motivations for doing this, then that? I just didn’t get her and felt like I was missing something.
I would not recommend this book to people who aren’t die-hard fans of Jennifer Echols. But this doesn’t discourage me from wanting to read more from the author.