As part of the blog tour for Oxford Shadows, I’ve been interviewed by the amazing blog Literati Literature Lovers. Want to check it out directly, click here.

To get the gist of it…


Q: Do you remember how/when your interest in writing started?

MC: Nope. I’ve always told my family since a very early age that I would be a writer when I grew up. Other kids wanted to be a fireman or a nurse or a lawyer… and I wanted to write love stories. Because I never fancied myself as one of those very eye-brow intellectuals who wrote deep stories about serious stuff. I’ve always wanted to entertain, make people dream, laugh, cry, fall in love… and maybe while doing that I could actually challenge them.

Q: What were the challenges (research, psychological, and logistical) in bringing this series or characters to life?

MC: Lots of readers came back to me telling me how well-researched the first book (Oxford Whispers) was. The Oxford trilogy does have a historical element to it. In Oxford Whispers it was the English Civil Wars (seventeenth century). In Oxford Shadows, it’s the Tudors (sixteenth century). So yes I spent quite a lot of time locked behind the doors of the British Library. Quite frankly there are worst places to be ;-)
But the real challenge for me has been to interweave all the different structural components that characterize this series: there’s the historical component (i.e. the story within the story that the reader discovers through Madison’s visions), the paranormal element (i.e. Madison’s Voodoo background and her powers, which get a front seat in the second book), and the romance.
On top of that, Oxford Whispers and Oxford Shadows are New Adult books, and that’s very important for me to keep the story consistent and meaningful for characters of that age, i.e. early twenties.

Q: Do you ever experience writer’s block?

MC: Not really. I have this calendar on my desk where I write how many words I’ve written every day. That way I can keep track of my progress. That said there are weeks when I write very little either because I’m deep in editing or because I’m launching a book, or because my daughter is sick and she can’t go to school… But whatever happens, I always write down in this calendar what I have achieved day after day, however little it is. I’ve found it a great way to keep myself accountable.

Q: Do you have any writing quirks or superstitions?

MC: I don’t think so. I always light up a scented candle when I start writing.

Q: What authors or books have influenced you as a reader and/or a writer?

MC: As a reader:
Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
North and South by John Jakes

As a writer:
Breaking Into Fiction by Mary Buckham

Q: What’s next for you writing wise that you can share with us?

MC: I will release a New Adult contemporary romance in August. It’s titled No Reverse. I’m very excited about it as it is the most personal story I’ve written so far.oxford