Oxford Shadows, the second book in the Oxford trilogy, is free on Amazon for one last day. It is all about spookiness, ghosts, voodoo and the Tudors. Quite a program!

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Here is what some lovely bloggers had to say about the book:

“Oh godddd. Rupert. I need a moment to recollect myself.” Beth at The Reading Vixens

“A second book that is better than the first, gothically romantic, a ghostly mystery, with a creepy voodoo element.” Books Bones & Buffy”

“Once again, Croslydon takes history and weaves it into a tale of fiction so beautifully you think to yourself “sure, maybe that WAS why it was.” The Muse Unleashed

It is a completely different ride from No Reverse, but it was fun to write. Hope you’ll have fun reading it.