Hi Peeps,

So here we are: Fast Forward is finally out there!

It was never my plan to write a sequel to No Reverse. It just happened. While writing No Reverse, I came closer and closer to the final word count and I knew it wouldn’t be enough. Cassie and Josh still had a long way to go. So I led them to their Happy For Now. Initially, it was my intention to write Lenor’s story first, You Turn. But you guys didn’t want it that way 😉 You wanted first to know what would happen to Josh and Cassie. I understand. Now You Turn will be released in May 2014.

I’m so very touched by the love you gave Cassie and Josh. And yes, of course, there was also some frustration and irritation. I never wanted their story to be easy or them to be likable and cute and reasonable the whole time. I wanted them to be true. I wanted their love to be real and I might have lost a few readers on the way. I wouldn’t tell their story any other way though.

Fast Forward is a different book. This is really a story about building a relationship, a family. In  a way, it was a more difficult story to tell. I had to dig deeper and the pace of the storytelling is different from No Reverse, the range of emotions probably too.

I hope Fast Forward will mean to you as much as No Reverse did…

Now, let’s have some fun. Julie at ATOMR has organized a series of events to celebrate the release of Fast Forward. There will be some interviews, some teasers, and of course some nice prizes to win: 3 signed copies of Fast Forward to win with No Reverse and Fast Forward swag AND 3 Amazon gift cards ($30, $20, $10).

I want to thank all the bloggers who very kindly participate in the celebration. Their names and the dates they will publish a post on Fast Forward can be found below. Check them out and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

If you read Fast Forward and feel like writing a review, I’ll be very grateful. As an Indie writer, reviews and word of mouth is really the only way to share my stories 😉

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