Hi Guys!

I very rarely complain on the Web-my blog, social media, other blogs etc…-or talk about the writing business (how tough it can be, bladibladibla)… but I’m going to do just that today. A fellow writer (who I didn’t know before) contacted me to let me know that No Reverse had been pirated. Apparently, it has been possible to download the book for free since January. Good to know… I have served the website what is called a DMCA notice to ask them to remove the material. I am waiting to hear from them…

I have friends who download stuff for free- TV series, books, music etc-and I know some people feel quite strongly it’s their right to do so. Why not after all? Life is expensive enough…

Well, at the risk of sounding ‘uncool’, I think it sucks. To be able to write, I need to have the time to do so. To find that time, I need to be able to afford it. This means I need some sort of income. I am not writing to make money, but to be a full-time writer, I need money to pay the bills. That’s just a fact of life.

So, just to be very clear, I did not give my approval to the following website and I consider that them making No Reverse available without my consent or checking the copyright, is plain wrong. I realize that, by law, they might not have to do so, but the law is just wrong and needs to be changed.


I realize that there are far bigger injustices out there or intellectual property more deserving than my modest love stories to be protected. Still, this is my stance.

Sorry everyone to bother you with this, but I thought I had to share.


Marion xoxo