Oxford Shadows

Still recovering from her last tango with the afterlife, Louisiana-born Madison LeBon struggles not only with her life as an Oxford postgrad but also with her budding love for Rupert Vance, aristocrat extraordinaire. One thing is certain, though: she won’t run away from her powers anymore. From now on she’ll face the music …


… literally!


When a sixteenth-century ghost makes an appearance during a classical concert Madison attends and threatens her boyfriend’s family, she sets out to explore the dark mysteries of the Tudors, even if that means confronting their most royal and homicidal character.


Her plans take an unexpected turn when her voodoo heritage catches up with her. With horror, she understands what her fate was always meant to be.


The question now is: Can Rupert be part of it?



“I, of course, as always love Rupert. I teeter between wanting to swoon at his feet and slapping him upside the head for wanting to shelter Madison instead of making her his partner and handling things together, but that’s just typical male behavior.” Pink Fluffy Hearts

“Oxford Shadows is very fast paced and as a sequel I have to say that it far surpassed the first book.” Pink Fluffy Hearts

“This is an excellent sequel which leaves the reader with a cliffhanger, ready for the final part of the trilogy! Go grab your copy!!!” All In One Place

“Oh godddd.  Rupert. I need a moment to recollect myself.” Beth at The Reading Vixens

“Entwining yet again the elements of mystery, romance, paranormal, and history…  Marion delivers a fast paced, devour in one sitting read.” Beth at The Reading Vixens

“Rupert is a good guy and has Madison’s best interests at heart.” Nomi’s Paranormal Palace 

“I was highly entertained, and can’t wait for the conclusion!” BoundByWords

“This is a MUST READ and I need book two like ASAP!” A Diary of A Book Addict

“It was one of those ways where the book ends and you need to start the next one right away but there isn’t even a page for it on Goodreads yet so you’ve lost all hope of ever finding out how the trilogy ends. Okay, perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but I’m sure you know what I mean.”  Beauty But A Funny Girl

“A second book that is better than the first, gothically romantic, a ghostly mystery, with a creepy voodoo element.” Books Bones & Buffy

“It kept the book fresh and different from the first book, which added to it in that it did not feel like a repeat of the first book, but rather its own novel.” Once Upon A Book

If you are looking for a sexy romance, scary ghosts with vengeance as a goal, Oxford Shadow has it all. This is a trilogy that is not to be missed.” Books Live Forever

“My only other wish is for her to be happy, preferably with Rupert of course. lol. I can’t help it, they are meant to be together!” Accepted Wisdom

“With Oxford Shadows‘s unforeseen twists and heart-stopping ending—a cliffhanger that I was actually loved—you can bet I’ll be reading the next book. I’ll be reading all of Marion Croslydon’s works, actually. Fans of history, mystery, and the paranormal—be sure to check this series out. You won’t regret it.” The Luv’Nuv

“Once again, Croslydon takes history and weaves it into a tale of fiction so beautifully you think to yourself “sure, maybe that WAS why it was.” The Muse Unleashed