You Turn (The Second Chances Series, Book #3)

Will he be her turn at love?

After being dumped by her fiancé, Eleanor Carrington flees to Paris to get her mother out of her self-medicated haze. While keeping her from popping pills like gummy bears, Eleanor launches a new, no-strings-attached life plan with absolutely NO falling in love whatsoever. On her part at least, because her wrecked self-esteem could do with one or two Frenchmen going crazy for her.

What she doesn’t need is for her first love, Zachary Murdoch, to burst back into her life. Whatever shit-show she’s just been through was a stroll. What Zach put her though was a climb up Mount Everest. Barefoot. In a bikini.
Now a club-owner in Paris, Zach is intrigued by the troubled woman who was once the sweet girl he had to give up. Offering a shoulder for her to cry on is what he owes her. Loving her is what he lost the right to. Because there’s a reason he broke up with Lenor and that reason is why she’s in Paris.

Sometimes your first love is also meant to be your last… Sometimes.

If you love sexy contemporary romances about redemption, finding yourself, and being true to you, you will love You Turn.

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Praise for You Turn

“Exciting, heartbreaking, sexy, with some surprise twists and of course the sexy romance that all contemporary romance fans craves, You Turn is a gem and one contemporary romance fans will definitely want to checkout.” Always YA At Heart

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More Praises for You Turn

“Don’t let the beautiful and inspired cover fool you. This novel is more thanabout sex, it’s about love, second chances, family, relationships, andfinding yourself and being true to you.” Confessions of a YA and NA book addict

“What truly made this book were the incredibly endearing characters.” Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog

“So, if you love Paris and enjoy a good solid romance, then this is the book for you!” My Favorite Things

“If you enjoy romance with a touch of angst and a bit of fluff, then you will love You Turn.” Seeking Book Boyfriends

“I love Marion Croslydon’s second chance stories. She has a knack at getting her characters to the root of the issue and then being able to forgive and move on happily.” Live Read and Breathe

“Ivow to rant, rave, holler, whatever about this book, until everyone that I know, and don’t know, reads it. It won’t let you down. It won’t disappoint. I promise.” fANGIRLconfessions

“All I know is that once you start reading this, you won’t have the heart to put it down.” Book Freak

“This book is heartbreaking, romantic, and sweet all rolled into one.” Books Need TLC