Oxford Whispers




Madison LeBon is dead set against the dead. Her fresh start at Oxford University is a brand new beginning. She finally has a chance to turn the page on her psychic powers and cumbersome voodoo heritage. Snakes, dolls, ghosts, and spirits: Farewell… Not quite. When the tragic lovers in a painting—the subject of her first history class—begin to haunt her, she must accept her gift before life imitates art. The lovers warn her against their own nemesis, a Puritan from the English Civil War. Unfortunately, said nemesis is now going all homicidal on Madison.


College becomes more complicated when she falls hard for Rupert Vance, a troubled aristocrat and descendant of one of the characters in the painting. With the spirit of a murderer after her, Madison realizes that her own first love may also be doomed…


In 2013, Oxford Whispers won the IndieReader Discovery Award in Romance.


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Oxford Whispers is a haunting tale about the power of history, heritage and love.” 4.5 stars and IndieReader Approved

I liked the plot and I was definitely hooked by what was going to happen.” Beauty but a Funny Girl…

Oxford Whispers is a romantic mystery with delightful characters and a completely engaging plot.” Books Live Forever

“What can I say about Rupert? I thing the only two words I can think of are gorgeous and sexy!!!” Krystina at Ever and Ever Sight

Oxford Whispers was an incredibly well-researched and thought out debut novel.” Just My Opinion

” when the book comes to an end and you discover who ‘Peter” is, I WAS STUNNED!!!!!   I didn’t see it coming at all.  I mean, blown away.”  Twinsie Talk Book Reviews

“It’s a debut novel that has consistent good writing style. It’s a page-turner with twists, right when I figured it out, I discovered it was entirely something else. And for that I can say that Marion Croslydon is an author we’ll be reading more.” Bookshelves Confessions

“I was also glad that Rupert and Madison were not flawless, that they did not make excuses for the flaws of the other and worked throughout their issues and acknowledged each other’s imperfections.” Myrtle at Whatever You Can Still Betray

“This book had me from the get go.” Candy Coated

“If you are looking for a book filled with secrets and lies, ghosts and visions, romance and danger, look no further.”  Tammy at Books, Bones and Buffy

“The characters had strong root, they had a lot of depth, and I enjoyed the journey of getting to know them.” Appraising Pages

“I liked this book…I really bloody liked it.” Gliterary Girl

“I’m team Rupert all the way!” Pink Fluffy Hearts

“This was a very good debut novel, and a great New Adult romance!” For The Love of Film and Novels

“This book has the perfect mix of everything. Mystery, Angst, Suspense, Romance, Paranormal, and straight up STEAMY moments!” YA Vixen

“This book is a real gem.” Sandee Loves Books

“Madison was a doll, Rupert was a REAL guy, emotions, problems, guilt, morals, honor, and a son of a gun of a father.” Amazon Review

“‘Oxford Whispers’ is one of those books which when reading makes me sigh quietly with happiness.” Kirsty at All in One Place