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No ReverseĀ  I FIERCELY loved this book

Goodreads Top Reviewer

No Reverse – It is a “feel” book

Autumn Review

I am team Rupert all the way

Pink Fluffy Hearts

I fell in love with their relationship

Schmexy Book Blog

No Reverse – I relished this story

Good Choice Reading

This is a very good debut novel and a great Young Adult romance

For the Love of Film and Novels

This book sucked me in and kept me hooked

The Rookie Romance

No Reverse was one of the silently beautiful books that packed a ton of emotions

Nick’s Book Blog

No Reverse was such a touching book to read

Bridger Bitches Book Blog

one of the best written, emotionally slaying books I read in a while

Must Read Books or Die

Oxford Whispers is a haunting tale about the power of history, heritage and love

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